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 DOTERRA – October 2012 Specials, New Products, Important Dates

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 1) The entire month of October 2012 Elevation Joyful Blend is available at a 10% discount.

2) All Loyalty Rewards Orders of $125PV or more and placed on or before October 15 will be rewarded with a FREE bottle of Purify Cleansing Blend Oil. The orders process at midnight, Utah time, so be sure the order is finalized by the afternoon of Sunday October 14.

3) Many new products were introduced at the Conference a few weeks ago. There is a special link under Business Tools, NEW PRODUCTS 2012, that will brief you on the products. Again, DOTERRA has gone way beyond all expectations with:
***Salon Hair Care System (Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling Glaze, and Root to Tip Serum)

*** Children’s Chewable A2Z Multiple and IQMEGA, Liquid Omega 3 yummy! Oil for the young and those who cannot swallow capsules.

***Black Pepper and Cilantro Oils for cooking and for your health.

A proprietary blend of carefully selected essential oils combined to enhance focus and support healthy thought processes. Supporting efforts of those with difficulty paying attention and staying on task, these essential oils help sustain focus. 10 ml roll on

***Most important of all: DDR PRIME, in capsules and liquid for DNA protection and repair. There is an information page for these products under Business Tools. These are an absolute MUST for anyone with health challenges or environmental exposure that can result in future challenges.

***Last and also important: MITO2MAX …. ENERGY & STAMINA COMPLEX
doTERRA’s Mito2Max is a proprietary formula of standardized plant extracts and metabolic cofactors of cellular energy. Mito2Max supports healthy mitochondrial function and aer obic capacity, and improves stamina naturally without the use of harmful stimulants. Use Mito2Max as a healthy long-term alternative to caffeinated drinks and supplements for increased energy and vitality.

There is so much to learn and to share. Below is a brief description of the FREE Oil of the Month, the 10% Discount Oil, and some of the new oils.

Elevation Joyful Blend

Elevation is the perfect blend for those moments when you need to be revitalized. This exciting blend provides an invigorating combination of CPTG essential oils that can elevate your mood and increase your vitality. Elevation combines lavandin, tangerine, elemi, lemon myrtle, melissa, ylang ylang, osmanthus, and sandalwood flawlessly for an immediate and dramatic effect.
Purify Cleansing Blend

From bug bites to sneezes, protecting yourself is more important than ever. Purify is doTERRA’s formidable blend of CPTG® essential oils designed to eliminate odors and other contaminates naturally—without toxic additives. Its refreshing aroma quickly eradicates unpleasant odors and clears the air and environment with the essential oils of lemon, lime, pine, citronella, melaleuca, and cilantro.

Black Pepper Essential Oil is extracted from the plant Piper nigrum of the Piperaceae family. The oil is made from the unripe fruit of the plant, while white pepper for household use, is made from the same fruit. The berry is picked when fully ripe and the outside layer is removed before drying. The unripe, sun-dried peppercorns (fruit) are used for the extraction of the oil, using steam distillation.

This warm and spicy essential oil helps to increase warmth of the body and mind, relieve sore muscles and joints; boost the immune and digestive system, stimulate the kidneys and disperse bruising by increasing circulation to the skin.

Cilantro Essential Oil is extracted from the leaves by steam distillation.

The oil itself is an antioxidant that helps control free radicals. It has long been known that cilantro also helps in cases of indigestion. Like other essential oils such as eugenol (the essential oil of clove) it has bactericidal and fungicidal properties. It also has a chelating effect on heavy metals. (That is it will draw heavy metals out of the system.)

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