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Learn about the new shopping cart where you can redeem you loyalty reward points online.
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Learn about how to your team can learn about the doterra oils and build a business.
If you are with Patrick and Allyse Sedivy’s team, you will have access to this system.


In this class, you will:

Get to learn more about the new Back Office, how to process your loyalty rewards thru the back office and the new
Class is limited to 10

This is a hands on class.
You will need a laptop with the ability to connect to a wi -fi.. Wifi will be provided

Learn how to communicate with your team and strategize your team growth and build outside markets

How to navigate the back office to purchase and set up your loyalty rewards program

Holan Nakata is an Essential Oil Marketing Specialist who has trained hundreds of consultants nationwide.
His mission is to share the healing power of essential oils with the world. He is an Independent Product Consultant with doTERRA International, a company he joined to serve the needs of natural health enthusiasts.
He has taught this class at the Honolulu and Maui Education Conferences.

Holan began his career as in 2010 when he discovered that essential oils have uses other fragrance and perfumery.
“Essential oils have helped me with the way I feel and changed the way I approach everday challenges such as having a sore throat.” Holan is one of the top consultants in the state of Hawaii and leads over 1000 IPCs.

Holan has been taught by top instructors in the Essential Oil industry including: Dr. Robert Pappas, Dr. David Hill, and many others. He has an insatiable quest for knowledge that he feeds by reading, listening to audio tapes, and attending conferences regularly.

He resides in Honolulu, Hawaii where he teaches classes on natural alternatives to health regularly.

- AromaTouch Technique Certified Instructor
- Basic Essential Oil Chemistry, Essential Oil University
- Aromatherapy Basics Level I & II, Hawaii Holistic Aromatherapy and Naturapathy School
- doTERRA Gold Independant Product Consultant

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