New doTERRA virtual office information

Direct link to the new doTERRA Virtual Office :


Great news from the dōTERRA corporate office!


The beta introduction of your new dōTERRA office (aka the new Virtual Office) is going very very well. We are hearing lots of positive feedback and are happy with the way things are progressing.

A few of our favorite comments so far:

“I am GIDDY over the new back office changes!!!!! GIDDY. Could cry tears of joy! :) ♥”

“I love how simple and clear things are! I’m able to see my team’s wonderful efforts in ways I have never seen. They are really working hard and I now have even more reasons to reach out and congratulate them. Thank you dōTERRA!”

“The way the site has my qualifications, LRP information and earnings right up front is sweet. I liked what I saw at convention, but now that I see information from my own team in there it’s so much more relevant!”


If you have not experienced it yet, please do!


1. Go to and login

2. You will see the old Virtual Office. On the left navigation area at the top, you will see a silver button that says ‘Qualifications’. Click it.

3. Your new mydoTERRA office will open up in a separate tab. So, you’ll have both the old and the new open in two separate tabs in your browser.

You can skip steps 1-3 by setting a bookmark for the new beta version of the Virtual Office after accessing this link:

For more information on the topic, please see the following:

New my dōTERRA office PowerPoint Presentation (from Breakout Workshop at Convention)
New my dōTERRA office Q&A

Remember, about 85% of the new virtual office features are free, as always. The remaining 15% are Premium features, which are free for you to use for 30 days after signup.

After we have implemented any fixes or ‘beta mode’ updates, we will notify you of additional trainings on how to use the site all the premium feature ‘goodies’ — web conferencing features, business groups feature, advanced messaging feature, seeing who has opened your messages and so forth.

Stay tuned! This is very exciting for the dōTERRA family.

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