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Host your own events and offer free 100 PV  to the new IPC who signs up with 100 pv  and processes a   100pv loyalty reward order the following month . It can be at your place or your guest’s place.
(Your Event must be registered 2 weels in advance to be able to offer the incentives. Or  your guest can go to the nearest diamondclub event for the Invite & Inspire incentives)

For more incentives, see your upline leaders and to ask for the nearest diamond club class.. (Your guest must be present to receive diamond club incentives.)

click on the link for more details

Here is the  information.
Invite & Inspire 2012 is bringing back your favorite 100 PV product voucher in a promotion unlike any before! Invite & Inspire is specifically designed to give all IPCs the confidence and support needed to hold their very own events. Invite & Inspire will run July 1- August 31, 2012. Register your Invite & Inspire event today to take advantage of this great opportunity!

Our simple 7-step process will take you from start to finish of hosting your own successful event. Print your event checklist and get started today!


Step 1: Plan Ahead and Post Event

Set a date and post your Invite & Inspire event to the calendar.

In order to allow adequate time for event approval and vouchers to be mailed, please submit event 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE. We do not guarantee events that are submitted in less notice.

Step 2: Pending for Approval

Please be patient as your event will be sent to doTERRA marketing admin for approval. Event will be approved within 74 hours (excluding weekends).

Once event is approved, you will receive an email notification and your Invite & Inspire event will appear on our calendar.

100 PV vouchers will be sent to event host for distribution at event.
Questions on how the vouchers work? No problem. Click Here.

Step 3: Invite!

Invite your friends to your upcoming Invite & Inspire event.

Possible ways to invite:
Paper Invitations
Phone Calls
SMS (Text)

Set a goal for your desired number of attendees and invite at least 5 – 10 more to attend.

Need help promoting your event? Click here for our downloadable flier and invitation.


Step 4: Prepare your presentation in advance.
Make sure to practice your presentation at event location with the technology you will be using to ensure your event goes off without a hitch!

Not sure what to present on? Try one of these tried and true presentations!

Step 5: Remind

To ensure your event is well attended, call those you invited 24 hours before your event to remind them of the time and location.

Step 6: Present

Now that you have planned, posted, invited, prepared, and reminded, you are in great shape to have a wonderful event!

Have confidence and enjoy sharing doTERRA with your friends!

Take a deep breath and know that you can do it.

Step 7: Follow-Up and Evaluate

Congratulations on hosting your event! However, you are not quite done yet. The most effective event hosts follow up a couple days later with those that attended their event. Thank them for attending your event and discover if they have any interest in what you presented on.

Evaluate your event as a whole from start to finish, set goals for improvement, and start all over again!


Invite & Inspire Event Checklist
July 1- August 31, 2012
(For host use only, dont return to doTERRA)
Step 1: Plan Ahead and Post Event
Post event 2 weeks in advance
Event Date: ____________
Event Location: _________
Event Time: _____________
Step 2: Pending for Approval
Event wi ll be approved within 74 hours (excluding weekends)
Look for approval email
Vouchers will be sent to event host
Step 3: Invite!
Invite friends to event
Set attendance goal
Step 4: Prepare
Prepare presentation in advance
Practice presentation at event location with technology you will be using
Step 5: Remind
24 hours before your event, call those you invited to remind them of your event time and location
Step 6: Present
Take a deep breath and know that you have adequately prepared to have a successful event!
Distribute vouchers to those who wish to enroll as IPCs
Step 7: Follow-Up and Evaluate
A few days after event call those who attended to thank them for coming and discover if they are interested further in what you presented
Evaluate your event from start to finish, set goals to improve, and start all over again!

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