Essential Oils Information

Here are the Podcasts from the BuildDoterra website Education section
by Dr. Susan Lawton.

*The information contained on this website is for informational uses only and should not be construed as medical advice. Consult with a qualified medical professional before you begin any nutritional supplement program. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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File Size
Information Sheet PDF
AromaTouch5.36 MBDownloadDownload (Information Sheet)
Download (Neuropathy Protocol)
Download (AromaTouch Hand Technique)
Balance4.57 MBDownloadDownload
Basil4.59 MBDownloadDownload
Bergamot11.1 MBDownloadDownload
Black Pepper6.44 MBDownloadDownload
Breathe6.15 MBDownload
Cassia4.95 MBDownloadDownload
Cilantro4.26 MBDownloadDownload
Cinnamon3.42 MBDownloadDownload
Citrus Bliss & Wild Orange12.27 MBDownloadDownload (Citrus Bliss)
Download (Wild Orange)
Clary Sage4.78 MBDownloadDownload
ClearSkin51.3 MBDownloadDownload
Clove6.65 MBDownloadDownload
Coriander6.62 MBDownload
Cypress5.03 MBDownloadDownload
Deep Blue11.4 MBDownloadDownload (Information Sheet)
Download (Candida Recovery Information Sheet)
Digestzen7.02 MBDownloadDownload
Elevation4.33 MBDownloadDownload
Eucalyptus6.21 MBDownloadDownload
Fennel3.61 MBDownloadDownload
Frankincense6.24 MBDownloadDownload
Geranium6.85 MBDownloadDownload
Ginger8.86 MBDownloadDownload
Grapefruit5.00 MBDownloadDownload
Helichrysum16.0 MBDownloadDownload
Immortelle7.87 MBDownloadDownload
Lavender9.19 MBDownloadDownload
Lemon7.31 MBDownload
Lemongrass17.68 MBDownloadDownload
Lime8.24 MBDownload
Marjoram4.23 MBDownloadDownload
Melaluca5.47 MBDownloadDownload
Melissa6.52 MBDownload
Myrrh13.5 MBDownloadDownload
On Guard15.23 MBDownload
Download (OnGuard)
Download (52 Uses of On Gaurd)
Oregano6.64 MBDownload
Past Tense5.33 MBDownload
Patchouli5.08 MBDownloadDownload
Peppermint7.51 MBDownloadDownload
Roman Chamomile3.58 MBDownloadDownload
Rosemary4.57 MBDownloadDownload
Sandalwood12.8 MBDownloadDownload
Serenity4.00 MBDownloadDownload
Slim&Sassy15.6 MBDownloadDownload
Solace9.11 MBDownloadDownload
Tangerine13.4 MBDownloadDownload
TerraShield & Purify4.72 MBDownloadDownload (TerraShield)
Download (Purify)
Thyme4.46 MBDownloadDownload
Vetiver & Rose15.39 MBDownload
Download (Rose)
Download (Vetiver)
Whisper5.79 MBDownload
White Fir12.8 MBDownloadDownload
Wintergreen5.01 MBDownloadDownload
Ylang Ylang4.57 MBDownload
Zendocrine8.93 MBDownload

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